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Important Notice: Gerald Eve and Knight Frank for themselves and for the vendors or lessors of this property for whom it acts, gives notice that the sole purpose of these particulars is to provide outline information on this property to prospective purchasers or tenants (as applicable), who are solely responsible for making their own investigations and seeking independent advice, including the costs of doing so, and forming their own view as to the condition of the property, its fitness for their requirements and the accuracy and completeness of the statements herein. These particulars do not constitute any recommendation or offer to enter into any contract regarding this property. Gerald Eve and Knight Frank do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any description, dimensions, references to condition, necessary permissions for use and occupation and other details contained herein, and prospective purchasers or tenants must not rely on them as statements of fact or representations. Rents quoted in these particulars may be subject to VAT in addition. Neither Gerald Eve and Knight Frank nor the vendors or lessors of this property accepts any liability or responsibility (whether in negligence or otherwise) for any loss arising from using or relying on these particulars. Any reference herein to any plant, machinery, equipment, services, fixtures or fittings at the property shall not constitute a representation (unless otherwise expressly stated) as to its state or condition or that it is capable of fulfilling its intended function. Neither Gerald Eve and Knight Frank nor any of its partners, employees or agents has any authority to make, and does not make, any representation or warranty, or to enter into any contract, in relation to the property.

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